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Founded in 2006 as a branch of Sunbelt Electric, Sunbelt Solar Energy quickly became a local leader in both commercial and residential solar energy installation. Focusing on quality installations, from the largest FPL installation to our smallest residential system our customers will tell you about reliable renewable energy systems that have improved their lives. Whether you’re considering a typical grid connected system, a battery backup system or solar energy for your business Sunbelt Solar Energy has the professionals to help you go solar. Florida licensed and NABCEP Certified with installations throughout Florida and the Caribbean, Sunbelt Solar Energy is creating Florida’s renewable energy future today.
Do you have a property with high power bills? Request Information to learn how installing solar can reduce or eliminate your power bills.
Sunbelt Solar Energy provides quality solar panels, solar power, and solar energy for your home or business.
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Sunbelt Solar Energy is a division of Sunbelt Electric, Inc. We seek to bring eco-friendly solar photovoltaic power generation to home and commercial building owners in Florida.

  • Education… We know it is vital to educate home and business owners about the benefits of solar energy both for our environment and to you.
  • Design… Systems are designed to suit your particular energy and aesthetic needs, and to meet local building codes. The systems are engineered to withstand 130 MPH or greater windspeeds.
  • Unsurpassed Service… Professional installers and sales staff are at your service to ensure your project is completed in a timely and quality like manner.
  • Dependability… We ensure that your solar system meets the highest standards for dependability and quality. Our systems come with a 2-year complete system warranty and a 25-year manufacturer warranty on the solar modules.
  • We "Practice what We Promote"… Sunbelt Solar Energy strongly believes in the use of clean renewable energy. Even the owner's own residence in Sarasota has a solar energy system.
  • Qualifications… Sunbelt Solar Energy, a division of Sunbelt Electric, Inc. is a State of Florida certified electrical contracting company, licensed and insured to handle projects of any size. Lic.EC13002085
  • Affiliations… We are a member of the renewable energy industry. Here is a list of the associations we are members of: SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Assoc.), FlaSEIA (Florida Solar Energy Industries Assoc.), and FHBA (Florida Home Builders Assoc.).


Solar Energy Systems Receive 30% Federal Tax Credit

When you purchase a Sunbelt Solar Energy system for your home or business you are entitled to receive a 30% Federal Tax Credit. As an example when purchasing a solar energy system for $14,000.00 you receive 30% of that amount or $4,200.00 as a credit to your tax liability. Remember the Tax Credit is not subtracted for your earnings. it is credited to your tax liability!
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Our Location

  • 1882 Porter Lake Dr #104
  • Sarasota, FL 34240
  • Phone: (855) 600-3532

Our Location

  • 1882 Porter Lake Dr #104
  • Sarasota, FL 34240
  • Phone: (855) 600-3532
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