Battery Backup for Homeowners

Sunbelt Solar Energy your locally owned solar energy partner.

In Florida when customers call Sunbelt Solar asking about battery backup system, they’re thinking about backup power for the home in case of grid failure. Such as the grid failure experienced due to large tropical storms or hurricanes.

Sunbelt Solar Energy has installed many solar energy systems with battery backup here in Florida both residential and commercial systems. As you can see in the picture to the left, this home battery system is neat, clean and compact. These systems offer the peace of mind knowing critical backup electricity will be there when needed.

If you’re dependent on a generator for your homes backup electricity, then you’re dependent on your stored fuel supply. Will you be able to have more fuel delivered? Are you able to purchase more fuel when the grid is down and service stations have no power? With a solar energy system including battery backup, fuel delivery happens every morning. Even on cloudy days, your solar array will make some degree of power. Fuel delivery comes with each morning’s sunrise. This is one of the areas where your solar energy system with battery backup will really perform. During a grid outage your battery system will supply electricity to your home, and with the morning sunrise your solar array will power your home and recharge the batteries, topping them off for the coming night. These systems have the energy independence that comes with solar energy, plus a renewable supply of electricity for the home during grid failure.

Call Sunbelt Solar Energy today and get started on your home battery backup system, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your home and family have the critical electricity needed for the coming storm season.

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